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The Rating widget is used to perform a quick rating operation on something.

How to use Rating Widget

Use the Rate component to rate any sort of information from the connected data source. It's customizable and features rich.


Properties allow you to edit the widget, connect it with other widgets and customize the user actions.

Widget Properties

These properties allow you to edit the Rating widget. All these properties are present in the property pane of the widget. The rating widget comes with the following settings:

Max RatingThe total number of stars you would like to rate the information with
Default RatingSets the default option of the rating widget
TooltipsSets the tooltip content of starts. This expects an array of strings that can describe the values of each star
SizeThe star's sizes can be varied, default is set to Medium
Allow half starsWhen toggled, half star ratings are accepted
VisibleControls widget's visibility on the page. When turned off, the widget will not be visible when the app is published
DisabledDisables input/selection to the widget. The widget will remain visible to the user but user input/selection will not be allowed.
Read OnlyDisallows user input, but the stars retain their normal styling and the star's Tooltips remain visible when the user hovers with the mouse cursor. When the Disabled setting is on, the Read Only mode is ignored.
Animate LoadingAllows you to control a widget’s animation on the page load.
HeightIt configures how a widget’s height reacts to content changes. It has three possible configurations:
Fixed: The height of the widget remains as set using drag and resize.
Auto Height: The height of the widget reacts to content changes.
Auto Height with limits: Same as Auto height, with a configurable option to set the minimum and maximum number of rows that can be occupied by the widget.

Binding Properties

These properties help you share values between widgets and also allow you to easily access the widget property within Queries or JS functions.

PropertyDescriptionCode Snippet
isVisibleThis property indicates whether the widget is visible or not.{{widget_name.isVisible}}
maxCountThis property indicates the total number of stars you would like to rate the information with.{{widget_name.maxCount}}
valueThis property indicates the value selected by user.{{widget_name.value}}


They are a set of actions that you can perform on the widget.

onChangeTriggers an action when the rate is changed. See a list of supported actions.


Style properties allow you to change the look and feel of the widget.

Active colorSets the color of stars for that are provided in the default rate.
Inactive colorSets the color of inactive stars