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These properties provide options to customize the formatting of buttons.

Display Buttons
Display Buttons

Content properties

These properties are customizable options present in the property pane of the widget, allowing users to modify the widget according to their preferences.


Button type string

Specifies the type of buttons to be included in the button group.


  • Simple: You can add text buttons to the group. Each button can be customized with different labels, colors, and actions.
  • Menu: You can add menu items to a button in the group. This allows you to create a dropdown menu with multiple items. For information on configuring menu items in the button group, refer to Menu Items.


Text string

Sets the text label for a item. It can be a static text value or dynamically bound to a datasource.


Visible boolean

Allows you to show or hide the menu item based on specific conditions.

Disabled boolean

Allows you to disable input for a item. This can be beneficial when you want to restrict user interaction with the item in specific situations.

Style properties

Style properties allow you to change the look and feel of the widget.


Icon string

Specifies the icon to be displayed on the button. Additionally, you can use JS to dynamically set the icon. Appsmith utilizes the icons from the Blueprintjs library.

Position string

This property allows you to configure the Icon's placement.


  • Left: Aligns the Icon to the left side of the Label.
  • Right: Aligns the Icon to the right side of the Label.

Placement string

Determines the spacing between the Icon and the Label.


  • Start
  • Center
  • Between


Button color string

Determines the color of the button displayed for each item in the button group.



Allows you to configure actions to be executed when the button is clicked.