Chart widget is used to view the graphical representation of your data. Chart is the go-to widget for your data visualisation needs.





Sets the title of the Chart widget.

Chart Data

Displays a chart based on an array of objects with X and Y values. You can transform the data from an API using a map. Note: Multiple series of data can be displayed in a single chart widget using the Add series button

{{ => { return { x:, y: value.count } }) }}

Chart Type

Lets you select what type of chart you want to use. Currently available options are: Line chart, Bar chart, Pie Chart, Column Chart and Area Chart.

x-axis Label

Sets the label of the x-axis of your chart.

Allow Horizontal Scroll

Enables the horizontal scroll (x-axis scroll) inside the chart widget boundary.

y-axis Label

Sets the label of the y-axis of your chart.


Controls widget's visibility on the page. When turned off, the widget will not be visible when the app is published