‌Select / Dropdown widget is used to capture user input/s from a specified list of permitted inputs. A Dropdown can capture a single choice as well as multiple choices

Displaying Data

A Dropdown's options can be populated from a data source like an API / Query by transforming the API / Query data to an array of (label, value). The transformation can be performed using javascript so if the data is an array, we can transform it using the function.

// is assumed to be an array here
{{ => {
return { label:, value: }

Filtering Data

A Dropdown can be used to filter a dataset based on the user's input. The selected option value can be passed to an API using{{ dropdownName.selectedOptionValue }} for Single Select Dropdowns and {{ dropdownName.selectedOptionValueArr }} for Multi-Select Dropdowns.

Form Submission

Dropdown widgets can be used to capture from a fixed set of options inside a form such as gender, role, status.

Some forms need to be pre-filled data from a table or API. We can bind the data to the default text property to enable this

{{ Table1.selectedRow.gender }}
* Binding this to the default option will update the selected option
* of the dropdown with the gender of the selected row in Table1

Read more about submitting Input data to an API below

Sending widget data in post body


Internal Property



This is the value of the option that is displayed in a Single Select dropdown. This value changes if the default value of the dropdown changes or the user selects an option


This is an array of values of the options that are displayed in a Multi-Select dropdown. This value changes if the default values of the dropdown change or the user changes an option selection




Sets the label of the dropdown.

Selection Type

Lets you control whether you want the dropdown to be a Single Select or a Multi-Select dropdown. Single Select allows users to choose only one value from the list of options whereas Multi-Select allows for selection of more than one value by the user.


Lets you set labels and values for different items/options in the list of the dropdown widget. Options must be specified as an array of objects with a label and value property.

Default Option

Sets a default option that will be captured as user input unless it is changed by the user. Multiple values can be provided as CSV or an array of value string for a Multi-Select dropdown.


When turned on, it makes a user input required and disables any form submission until an input is made.


Controls widget's visibility on the page. When turned off, the widget will not be visible when the app is published




Sets the action to be run when the user selects/unselects an option. See a list of supported actions