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Capture Form Data

The Form widget is a special type of container used to build validated forms. Multiple widgets can be dragged inside the form widget to capture data. The form widget comes with a form button pre-configured.

The form button is disabled if

  • Any of the required fields inside the form are not filled
  • The form contains an input whose value does not match the regex configured

Submitting Form Data

Form data can be submitted using a PUT / POST API or an Insert / Update Query. To submit form data,

  1. Bind the onClick of the form button to call the API / Query
  2. Configure onSuccess to Display a success message
  3. Configure the API / Query to read the inputs from the form widgets using Javascript.


Widgets inside a form are automatically reset to their default values when the Form Button onClick succeeds. This can be disabled in the button properties

Displaying Submitted Data

Once the API / Query updates the data, the widgets on the screen need to be updated with new data as well. The best way to achieve this is to simply re-fetch the data from the API / Query rather than trying to append the data to the existing data set. This can be done in the onSuccess of the API / Query.


The Property Pane UI supports a single onSuccess Callback but multiple callbacks and conditions can be configured by clicking the JS button next to the property. Learn more about Creating Workflows

Posting URL Encoded Form Data

The encoding type can be selected via the Body dropdown on the API editor. Selecting the value application/x-www-form-urlencoded will auto encoded the value sent in the body field.