Form is used to capture a set of data inputs from a user. Forms are used specifically because they reset the data inputs when a form is submitted and disable submission for invalid data inputs.

Form Widgets

Form widgets are a class of widgets that are typically used to capture user information. These widgets may be used outside a form such as for filtering data but their primary use is to capture user input. These are the form widgets Appsmith supports

Sending Form data to an API

User inputs in a form can be sent to an API by binding the individual widgets inside a form to the API body or query params.
"name" : "{{ inputText.text }}"
Read more about submitting form data to an API below

Form Button

The form button is provided by default to every form. It is used for form submission and resetting form inputs.


Sets the label of the button.
Button Style
Sets the style of the button. You can choose from three button styles: Primary, Secondary & Danger Button.
Disable Invalid Forms
This property disables the form button if any form widget that is required does not have a user input or if their validation failed
Reset Form on Success
This property resets all the form widgets to their default values when the form buttons action succeeds
Controls widget's visibility on the page. When turned off, the widget will not be visible when the app is published
Disables input to the widget. The widget will remain visible to the user but a user input will not be allowed.
Sets the action to be run when the user clicks the form button. See a list of supported actions
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